But Last Night

Okay, I'm Jo. I'm 21. I like music. I like to write, draw and read. I like human interaction. If you want, add me on the things below and let's be buddies!Pierce The Veil.Not following you?Say hello and we'll get that fixed!

Am I anyone’s tumblr crush? As in someone they reblog from a lot a lot a lot?

Haha seriously, no one has any help in the matter? I guess it’s still usable but I definitely need to get it fixed soon. Oh Macbook. 

I broke my Macbook Pro screen. It’s shattered. Okay, now…I’m trying to keep my cool. Has anyone dealt with this?


Home Alone (1990, Comedy) Two burglars attempt to murder an abandoned 8-year-old child

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"TUMBLR HAS TAUGHT ME MORE THAN SCHOOL EVER DID!!" the blogger cries. suddenly, the ground shakes. the blogger is going to forget everything school taught them; its gone. they’re shaking, crying, they can’t read. they can’t comprehend the world around them; what are colours, numbers, letters? but no worry, they can make infinite chocolate

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